As a professional filter manufacturer in Australia, AUSFIL has served the market for more than 35 years. We guarantee the best customer service and product satisfaction. We are able to help with either custom design filters, change of existing filters or replace your discontinued OEM filters. Our filters are broadly used in below Key Industries:

  • Food - Chocolate, confectionery, gels, etc.
  • Coatings - Paints, resins, inks, dyes, etc.
  • Chemicals - Pesticides, fungicides, etc.
  • Transport – Trains, Ferries, Buses, Truck and Cars, etc.
  • Environment - waste water, cooling liquids, etc.
  • Pharmaceuticals - Pharmaceutical liquids, etc.
  • High temperature applications - Cooking oils, resins, etc.
  • Mining – Coal, iron ore, etc.
  • And many more...

Please find more information in our filter catalogue and filter media, or contact us.

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