Order Fulfillment

AUSFIL stocks an array of standard filters commonly used in a variety of industries. When a filter you have ordered is in stock our delivery times within Australia is usually no more than 4 business days - international delivery times vary depending on destination and import/export restrictions.

Custom filter order fulfillment depends on the order type, design requirement and order quantity.

Dispatch and Delivery

AUSFIL will deliver filters to any location around the world, with the estimated delivery time and cost stated in our delivery information on your order. We aim to dispatch goods in stock as quickly as possible.

We can arrange for a guaranteed delivery date or an urgent order upon request.

Export/Import Restrictions

The maximum period of delivery, outside of Australia, is subject to the Customs laws within the receiving country unless specifically agreed with you. We undertake to inform you of any subsequent change to the delivery time. In the event that your order hasn't arrived as expected please contact AUSFIL.

It is the responsibility of the Buyer to determine and be aware of any import restrictions that may apply within the destination country, relevant to the specific Goods being ordered, before placing an order with AUSFIL. AUSFIL cannot accept any responsibility whatsoever for Goods confiscated within country of delivery and not returned intact to AUSFIL.

Notwithstanding the above, AUSFIL and its agents will make every effort to check any such restrictions that may apply and notify you accordingly at the time of order.

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